Blurring the lines between indoor living and outdoor living

An example using the space for dining chairs that can be used for lounging as well.

Living in this beautiful country, we can’t help but want to take advantage of our incredible climate and fantastic weather. More and more people are migrating outdoors for family meals, intimate candlelit dinners, relaxing afternoons or large celebrations. The line between indoor living and outdoor living is starting to blur, and here’s how you can achieve the same thing in your home with our range of outdoor furniture.

1. Choosing the right outdoor dining set

Creating the ideal outdoor living space in your home, which makes the outdoors feel like an extension of indoors, starts with the perfect outdoor dining set. Whether your style is elegant dining or classic furniture, rustic farmhouse or contemporary modern, your outdoor dining set should be big enough for large family gatherings, so no one feels cramped at the table.

The outdoor dining set is usually the central focus of your patio, deck or garden space, so ensuring you purchase a quality piece that will serve all of your needs is key.

2. Adding outdoor lounges

In addition to the perfect dining set, adding a set of outdoor lounges goes a long way to creating a relaxing atmosphere that is truly inviting. Whether it’s wicker lounges, elegant outdoor chaises or even hanging egg chairs, nothing says comfort quite like an outdoor lounge space.

3. Keep the sun at bay

While relaxing in the sun can be a dream for a while, having no choice but to bake under the harsh Australian sun can make an otherwise gorgeous outdoor living space unbearable. If your outdoor space needs some shelter, consider adding shades or an umbrella to provide a much-needed respite from the sun.

4. Touches of home

No outdoor setting is complete without the little touches that make it home. To your table, how about adding some decorative placemats? To your lounge, add a pop of colour with some throw pillows. An outdoor rug adds the perfect dimension to even out the space. Whatever you choose to add to your living area, make sure it speaks to your style and taste.

Whether it’s teak, wicker or cane, your outdoor space is waiting for the perfect touch from you. Contact Woodbury House today and try following these simple and helpful tips to blur the lines between your outdoors and indoors.

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