Buying furniture online: 5 steps to a better experience

Furniture Online Woodbury House

Some people may be referred by a friend.

Or they may have found us on Google.

We’re talking specifically about internet customers. Maybe they don’t live in Sydney, they can’t get to the store.

In order to help them as best we can, we try to have really good images, so when they hit the website, they’ll get very clear and accurate visual information about the product, so they can see what they’re getting.

It’s a big deal to part with thousands of dollars without having physical seen the product.

We try to help with that buying process through the images and the information we provide. We also give close-up videos for people who want it.

This is to give our customers confidence that we’re going to deliver the quality.

We offer a 30-day satisfaction guarantee for our internet customers. That’s for the people who are purchasing online without coming to the store. So, if they’re not happy with it, they just let us know and we’ll refund them and we’ll collect the items.

I can’t even remember if that’s ever happened, because people are always happy with the product. It’s not an issue, but it gives them greater comfort to know about that guarantee.

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