Hottest furniture trends for 2018

Walnut Dining Setting

2018’s leading furniture trends embrace the elegance of designer furniture, by celebrating curvier, rounder shapes, bright colours, and most of all, comfort. Last year’s trends pushed the boundaries of interior design, and current trends are expected to continue in the same vein.

Current trends embrace softer, cocooning pieces which will transform your home into an inviting sanctuary – perfect for entertaining friends or relaxing with family.

These are some of the top designer furniture trends:

Embracing your curves

Curvy furniture is making a major comeback. Introduce a relaxed, inviting feel into your home by opting for padded furniture with downy fillings. This will create maximum comfort and style.

When furnishing your home, focus on nature and restoration. The shapes are reminiscent of bubbles, clouds, nests and balloons. This style feeds the creative imagination, helping you reconnect with nature and allowing you to relax.

Being a “global nomad”

The popular minimalist trend is being replaced by “global nomadism”. This earthy trend is a combination of tribal, traveller and global connection. This burgeoning trend has a major impact on materials and colours.

Global nomadism features lots of wood, leathers, earthy colours and interesting decor – all set in monochromatic colour schemes. This offers a contemporary, urban contrast to the rustic components of this trend.

Vintage glamour

Vintage is always in vogue. However, 2018’s minimalist interpretation of this decadent trend is starkly different to the glossy glamour of the past. Although, there are some unifying elements which reinforce glamour’s rich nature.

2018’s take on glamour features many jewelled tones, earthy colours, luscious, velvet fabrics and stimulating textures.

Each of these distinctive looks is usually complemented with industrial elements – such as concrete and metal. This creates a soft, vintage charm.

Subtle, yet intriguing, vintage furniture incorporates old-world shapes, with rich, warm hues, to invoke the glamour of times gone by.

Grey is the new black

2018 is all about neutral tones to complement almost any room. Darker tones, such as liquorice and grey, are proving popular for accent pieces, especially when featured alongside soft-white tones.

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