How long does it take to find the right furniture?

Furniture Buying

Buying furniture is not just a financial investment. It’s also an investment of time and energy for you to make the purchase, to decorate your house, and to fit it out.

We’re conscious of that at Woodbury House Furniture. We try to see ourselves as buyers’ assistants so that we’re actually part of that process. We want to make the buying process as low friction as possible for you. We’re on your team as a customer.

Advice that will have an impact for years to come

We don’t want to advise you to do something that you’re not going to be happy with. Choosing the right furniture can be difficult. We understand that. We can take some of the pain out of the buying process.

We really try to understand your needs so that we can give you good advice that’s tailored for your situation.

How long does it take to choose furniture?

It does take a bit of time in the shop.

Not many people walk in for the first time and spend $10,000. It can happen but oftentimes it might be multiple visits. You might be there for an hour or two trying to work it all out.

What if you’re not sure what to get?

We’re constantly getting feedback after the process is finished, where customers say: “we’re just so happy with a particular staff member.”

We get specific feedback on how helpful the staff have been.

You’re not anonymous to us. We know that choosing furniture can be an emotional decision, as much as about it serving a specific function. We try to be sensitive to that emotional side, and see it as building the space that you’re going to be happy living in.

Your choice of furniture is an important decision

Why not invest a bit of time in your home and how you’re going to furnish it?
After all, you’re going to spend more time there than anywhere else.

You spend time at work but you spend time at home a lot. So you should create an environment that you’re happy with, an environment that is conducive to having guests over, and having family time.

A space in which your family is going to interact

That ties in with our mission as a family, because our product is used by families. It can be used in workplaces as well.

We’re part of the family, really, because we’re helping to get that going.

Get daily reminders of your decision to buy

The rewards are there.

It’s a reward that you’ll feel every day. When you sit down, sit outside, open a glass of wine. When you sit down with your friends and solve the world’s problems.

Often when you’re buying furniture, what you’re really doing is you’re setting up a space in which the family is going to interact.

Would you like some specific, personal help for building that space for your family? Contact us.

We have stores in the Homebush DFO and at Castle Hill.

For more ideas on how we can help you find the furniture that’s a good fit for you, look around our website.

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