How To Create The Ultimate Outdoor Area – Part 1

An example of using a spacing for lounging

Well, I think it’s a fantastic opportunity if you’re starting from scratch building a new outdoor area to think and to plan everything through in terms of the design, in terms of fittings and fixtures and the furniture that’s going to be there. That kind of a project is exciting, especially this time of the year. Should be up and running in time for Spring.

I would consider a few things for the ultimate outdoor area, I would consider something that you could get use from all year round if possible. A lot of people are going for an al fresco area that can be closed off in Winter, but can be opened up in Summer. You can feel like you’re outside in the summer enjoying the weather and fresh air relaxing with the breeze coming in.

Also, think about what you want to use it for, is it for dining? Sitting there, cooking a barbecue and eating out there, sitting around the table and drinking? Or is it something where you might want to use it for lounging around, having a cup of coffee or a beer while talking to friends.

You might have a view to look out over. So its a good starting point to think about what kind of use you want to get out of the area. Then design the space with the appropriate size so you can get that use out of it. Some people like to have both dining and lounging, if you have the space for that it can be awesome. If you haven’t got room for both, you could think about choosing dining furniture that is comfortable with cushions or chair pads so you can actually use it for lounging time. An example of a chair that we do is the Kubu chair which is the sort of a chair where you can lean back and you can sit almost like a lounge. They are for dining but can have that lounging feel as well.

Also think about outdoor heating, there’s some great outdoor heating products in the market. Think about the barbecue as well, people are prepared to invest a lot of money in the kitchen. But often would not invest a lot of money in the outdoor areas.

That’s it for Part 1. Stay tuned for Part 2.

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