Outdoor Area Furniture

Thank you for reading part 2 of this blog. In part 1 we touched a bit on the furniture side. There is also the matter of cooking outdoors. This has really evolved over the past few decades. I remember back in the days when BBQs were a lot less advanced, to get a nicely cooked steak you had to go to a steak restaurant. Then people started get their own high quality BBQs in the backyard. Outdoor cooking has evolved since then. The BBQs have become more elaborate and there is a trend in getting outdoor kitchens. We promote Beefeater as the best option for the drop in BBQ. They can be built in. We also provide full outdoor kitchens with sinks, range hood, fridges. The fridge is rated for outdoors and can cope with 43 degree heat in the shade or about 39 in direct sun.

When you think about it, people do invest a lot of money in kitchens inside the house. You may use your outdoor area often, perhaps not as often as your indoor kitchen, but some people might use it quite often if they build a nice one. Then it kind of makes sense that you would want to invest some money into the outdoor kitchen as well as the indoor one and do it nicely. It’s something more and more people are starting to consider.

So to build the outdoor area, it’s really about cooking, it’s about entertaining and it’s about relaxing. You might have a TV that’s attached to the wall if you want to sit out there watching sport or a movie.

In the next blog we will look more into choosing the location of the area and also furnishing requirements. Stay tuned to hear more about reclaimed timber furniture, teak and wicker. Please feel free to visit one of our furniture stores in Sydney to talk to one of our friendly staff.

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