Is Reclaimed Teak a Good Material For Outdoor Furniture?

Reclaimed Teak Lounge Setting Near Pool

Reclaimed teak is a good choice of material for use in making outdoor furniture.  Of course teak wood in general is well known as a great choice for many outdoor applications. Teak is famously used to build decking in yachts and there are many stories of its enduring qualities.

Let us elaborate more on reclaimed teak sourced from old buildings and other structures that have been knocked down.   This wood is very old and has already served another life.

Does it perform as well in outdoor furniture applications as plantation teak does?

At Woodbury House we have been selling reclaimed teak for about 10 years.  During the last 5 or 6 of those years, we have sold reclaimed teak in high volumes.  We do not make dining chairs out of reclaimed teak as we prefer to use plantation teak or wicker for those items.  With our application of reclaimed teak we concentrate on outdoor dining tables, sofas etc.

We have found reclaimed teak to be just as reliable and durable as plantation teak and have had minimal issues.  In terms of the appearance of the wood as it ages over time, it will keep a consistent appearance if it is not getting a lot of direct sun light.  If however it is getting lots of direct sun and you want to obtain the weathered look, it goes really well.  As it is already rustic and raw in style, the addition of silver grey to its appearance makes it look very nice.

A timber that is already very old is likely to be very stable and solid.  Well sourced reclaimed teak is not likely to encounter difficulty dealing with any particular climatic changes that may occur from one location to another.

The importance of quality 

Important things to consider are the quality of the manufacturer and the process of timber sourcing and selection.  Not all pieces of reclaimed teak furniture are of equal quality.  The application of a best practice manufacturing process is important.  The quality of the manufacture should be evident when having a good look at the product and considering the warranty offered.  The selection of timbers and testing of timbers is important with reclaimed teak as it is important to ensure all pieces have reliable structural strength.  With all the reclaimed teak products at Woodbury House, we kiln dry our reclaimed teak as part of the manufacturing process.  Because the wood is very old, some might argue that this process in not needed, but we do this as an extra precaution to ensure the wood is stable and has appropriate moisture content.

Beautiful with loads of character

Reclaimed teak certainly is a beautiful wood which has a lot of character.  Each piece is unique.  There is no need to worry about it being outside in the elements as it does really well in the most extreme conditions.  Yes, it is usually a bit more expensive than plantation teak.  This is largely due to the scarcity of the wood and difficulty in sourcing it.  But if you have the budget and are looking for outdoor furniture pieces that are very beautiful and long lasting, then reclaimed teak is definitely a good one to consider.

For more information you may wish to watch our video on reclaimed teak.

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