“It’s already served a life before it’s become a table”

Reclaimed Teak

Your next new outdoor table might be 100 years old. It could be from the walls of a 19th century hotel. Or it might have been the captain’s table from a merchant ship.

That’s the charm of reclaimed teak, and the outdoor furniture market can’t get enough of it.

“What we try to do is develop unique products; products that are exciting and different. It’s furniture which you can’t get elsewhere”, says Mathew Woodbury of Woodbury House Furniture.

“We make things that are unique and that have a story behind them.”

Reclaimed timber has a character all of its own. You can trace your finger over the knots of the wood that might have been around in the 1920s, when Australia was rebuilding after the first world war. You get to see right where the noggins have been in the frames.

Furniture that tells a story

Sitting down at a table made of reclaimed teak connects you with the past. You feel you’re part of history.

“The charm of this really old teak furniture is it’s got a story behind it. It’s not just something that’s come off the production line.”

In this world of smartphones with their alerts and constant interruptions, there’s something oddly enchanting about sitting on a bench that your own great grandfather might once have worked at.

A rare piece of timber

The rareness of the timber is something you can appreciate. You know it’s a piece that nobody else is going to have.

“It’s a rare wood”, says Mathew, with a hint of pride. “Not many companies can get this timber that we use.”

I wonder how a character piece with this old-world charm sells in the middle of a classy furniture store in Homebush.

“I know it’s a cliché, but it really does sell itself. People just look at it and they fall in love with it. You don’t have to say that much to them.”

Taste and tradition

Timber that could be from before the days of cars and phones has clearly stood the test of time. What Woodbury House has done is crafted it to look completely at home in a family setting today.

And as it’s teak, it’s the best wood you can get for outdoors.

“We’re always trying to create pieces that make a statement. You want something that has character and that can last.”

It’s the sort of timber that you can make an emotional connection with: something that you can appreciate a bit more when you see it in the flesh, rather than on the website.

You can connect with your own reclaimed teak table by visiting Woodbury House Furniture. Call 1300 887 289 or visit their showrooms at Homebush DFO or Castle Hill.

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