Mahogany desks will never go out of fashion

Mahogany Desk

A key to working productively is setting up the right environment. And for an office—whether in a home or in a business setting—the desk will set the tone for you.

At Woodbury House Furniture the mahogany partner’s desk is the flagship of our office furniture. It’s a double-sided desk with the leather top and the brass fittings that are the stamp of the classic mahogany desk.

It’s a piece of furniture that has been around for a long time.

It’s something that doesn’t go in and out of fashion.

Our mahogany partner’s desk is a timeless design that suits almost every space. Mahogany wood has a straight grain and a fine, even texture.

Those kinds of desks were being used hundreds of years ago. They’re being used now. They’ll be used in 100 years’ time.

It’s a look that people are used to and are attracted to.

Look professional in your own space

It’s one thing to look at the desks and the filing cabinets in the store or online, but once you get it into your own home or your own office, it puts you into a frame of mind where you feel ready to work.

Mathew Woodbury of Woodbury House Furniture says he loves seeing the furniture in customers’ homes.

“I always get blown away seeing our products in the customers’ own office because it looks even better than it does in the shop.”

It does create a professional environment where someone can work productively, but also have meetings in a setting that gives their clients greater confidence.

The natural, timeless look of mahogany is available from Woodbury House Furniture. You can buy online, call us on 1300 887 289, or come into our stores at Homebush DFO, or in Castle Hill.

 Look professional. Work productively.

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