Teak outdoor furniture in Sydney

Teak outdoor furniture in Sydney

Are you looking for Teak outdoor furniture in Sydney?

Woodbury House Furniture is your premium choice when it comes to quality and value for money. We offer a wide range including Teak outdoor dining settings, lounge suites, sun loungersreclaimed teak tables, benches and also custom made teak.

Why Teak?

Watch the owner of Woodbury House explain why Teak is the best wood for outdoor:

What’s important when buying teak is to get the A-grade quality of legal plantation wood. At Woodbury house we specialize in exactly that.

What makes teak the best timber for outdoor furniture?

Teak is an extremely stable timber that has a high oil content, which makes it virtually immune to rotting and is by far the most weather resistant outdoor timber there is. It weathers beautifully and can be left untreated outside without the risk of rotting. Teak unfinished and weathered has a surreal long life expectancy.

A few more facts about Teak:

  1. Teak is a tall, sturdy, evergreen tree indigenous to the tropical climate of Southeastern Asia.
  2. A Teak tree can reach up to 50 meters
  3. Teak is by far the best timber when building outdoor furniture, but also a when building a ship. Teak is the shipbuilders first choice and has been so the past centuries for its durability. Teak is a tight-grained hardwood with an extremely high oil content making it perfect for exposure to sun and even salty wind and water.
  4. Teak contains a lot of natural teak oil that makes varnish unnecessary.

Whether you are looking to buy Teak outdoor furniture in Sydney or somewhere else, Teak is the best outdoor timber on the planet and Woodbury house has the best value for money. Here is a link to our full range of Teak outdoor furniture settings.

Lastly, feel free to give our friendly staff a call.

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