Top tips for making your workspace your haven for the new year

With the return to work either already here or fast approaching, many people will be heaving a collective groan. But considering this is where you are going to spend the majority of your week, you should look to make this space a cut above the rest and turn your office into your lifestyle haven.

Consider the atmosphere

Firstly, have a think about the style and effect you want to create – make your office a place you would want to be and feel productive in. We recommend rich mahogany furniture as it is classic, tasteful and gives an air of elegance that never goes out of style.

Choose the best chair and desk for your needs

Once you know the atmosphere you would like to create, think about not only a chair for yourself, but a place for guests and/or employees to come in, sit and be comfortable. This might be a tub or wing chair, or even a 3-seater sofa.

A desk is where you no doubt will spend the majority of your time, so it is worth investing in one that works for you – whether you need more drawer space, desk space, an L-shape for extra storage, or perhaps extra leg room. If you cannot find the exact desk you need, you could also consider having it custom-made to your liking and specifications.

Don’t forget about storage and accessories

You want to make certain your year starts fresh and organised, so ensure you have ample storage and/or filing cabinets that suit your overall theme and office needs. These can also double up as shelf space up top to store materials that you would prefer to be visible, such as ornaments, photographs, plants and more.

Lastly, consider accessorising your office to make it unique. Think about adding a bookcase to store awards, certificates and reading material – this is a chance for you to showcase your personality and business achievements. After all, this is your space, so start the year on the right track by making your office a comfortable setting for your lifestyle that you can’t wait to get to in 2018.

For more design inspiration or to view our range of office products, visit Woodbury House Furniture today.

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