“Trust: it’s about honesty, but also about competence”

Woodbury House Furniture Family

Trust is everything, whether it be talking to customers in the showroom, or organising deliveries, or assembling furniture.

Building trust with customers means following up after a sale, and addressing any concerns they might have. Trust is everything, really.

If people don’t trust you as an individual, they’re not really going to buy anything off you. You don’t really have a business.

“We try to come across as genuine and honest”, explains Matt Woodbury.

We have a family culture in Woodbury House.

“I wouldn’t want anyone to lie to try to help the company in some way. I don’t think that helps at all.”

But trust isn’t just about honesty. It’s also about competence. The assurance that you can give good advice, and that you have some expertise to share.

A family culture

Matt Woodbury says that Woodbury House Furniture has a family culture, and that statement about the culture was developed by the staff as a collective group.

“All of it came from my staff, not from myself. They felt that way. It was something that already existed. We were trying to articulate it.”

At Woodbury House Furniture we understand that our role is not purely about making money as a business. It’s also about looking after people.

We’re going to treat people well.

“Our staff generally stay for a long time. We don’t have a lot of turnover of staff, like some other businesses do. Some of our people have been there almost from the beginning.”

“I think that says something about the culture that we create.”

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