Why do so many people love mahogany?

Crystal Dining Chair Mahogany

No one seems to be entirely sure how the name mahogany originated. The most plausible suggestion seems to be that it is derived from ‘m’oganwo’, a word of West African origin later used in the West Indies to describe the trees found there. ‘Mahogany’ itself first appeared in print almost three and a half centuries ago when used by Scottish cartographer John Ogilby.

An enduring wood of choice

The wood itself has become a much-loved choice of so many people when selecting the finest furniture. Its famed reddish-brown colour suggests both warmth and substance, bringing a lot of style to so many uses. This distinctive hue also suggests a freshness matched with enduring elegance in so many different pieces of furniture. When this is matched with the unique texture and grain this wood offers, the results are evident and instantly recognisable to so many people.

This famed appearance is matched by mahogany’s strength and durability. While the original wood itself is rigid and difficult to bend, many of the most skilled of furniture makers love to work with it, knowing that it cuts well and sands down to that memorable grain, not to mention polishes superbly, allowing them to create unique and unforgettable pieces.

While mahogany is certainly a hugely popular present-day furniture choice, those who make that decision also appreciate how well it ages, maintaining, or more often actually increasing, its attractiveness as years pass, helped by its strong resistance to warping or other damage that softer woods might suffer.

Time to make an investment in elegant furniture of such enduring value

Many years ago, American novelist J G Holland suggested that: ‘The gentleman is solid mahogany; the fashionable man is only veneer’. We appreciate his wisdom, but would counter that our mahogany furniture can be both solid and classical but also modern and thoroughly fashionable!

For you, this might be in the choice of a stunning green leather topped desk, whether to add a statement of class and permanence to a working office, or for a home study. With the addition of matching filing cabinets, bookcases or wall panelling, a vibrant interior design statement can be made.

For elegant home dining, or stunning bedroom settings, and so much more, your choice of eternal and glorious mahogany furnishings across your home can be a joy to consider. Here at Woodbury House Furniture, you can browse onlinecontact us to discuss the possibilities, or simply visit our stores at Castle Hill or Homebush.

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